In a LockerRoom post yesterday I called attention to an article at the blog where Christians who refuse to facilitate gay weddings, implicitly including the Catholic Church who gives more resources to help AIDS victims than any other non-government institution in the world, were characterized as anti-gay, unkind, and reprehensible. Today in an article on the same blog by J.D. Tuccile this mischaracterization continues. (My arguments from yesterday apply with equal force to Tuccile’s post.) This time Christian venders who have these views  are “haters.” Since no evidence, other than the fact that these folks find it personally objectionable for religious reasons to participate in gay marriages, as would Pope Francis for example, is offered for this characterization, presumably the view is that no other evidence is needed and no counter evidence, such as the points that I emphasized in yesterday’s post, would be refutational. I’m not sure what’s going on at Reason but I find this total buy-in to the rhetoric and language of the anti-Christian left as un-called for and unjustified.  And I say this as a long-time libertarian who agrees with the basic message being preached in these articles, that freedom of association in both business and marital relationships, is what we advocate . BTW, how long have I been a libertarian? I campaigned and voted for J.D, Tuccile’s father, Jerome Tuccile, when he ran for governor of New York on the Libertarian Party ticket in 1974.