Margot Cleveland of the Federalist writes about the latest spin campaign from the Russia hoax crowd.

The same folks who screamed “Russia, Russia, Russia” for years after the Steele dossier was debunked are now declaring the Bidens have been exonerated by Special Counsel David Weiss’s indictment of Russian-connected CHS Alexander Smirnov. That indictment charged Smirnov with lying about conversations he claimed to have had with executives of the Ukrainian energy giant Burisma, which were later memorialized by Smirnov’s handler in an FD-1023.

But the FD-1023 was no Steele dossier. Rather, as National Review’s Andrew McCarthy detailed in his weekend column, “There is already extensive evidence, having nothing to do with Smirnov, of corrupt Biden-family influence-peddling.”

He’s right. In contrast to the Russia-collusion hoax, which rested solely on the Steele dossier to paint Trump as a Putin patsy, evidence of Biden family corruption is comprehensive, diverse, and comes from their own mouths, texts, emails, and loyalists. The Hunter Biden laptop, which Weiss has confirmed is authentic, implicates Hunter, Joe, and Jim Biden in multiple influence-peddling schemes. Bank records confirm the millions in transfers from Chinese communists, Romanians, Ukrainians, and others, including the wife of the former Moscow mayor — who amazingly avoided being included on the Biden administration’s just-released, tougher Russian sanction list. 

Numerous former business associates of Hunter Biden — including ones who remain loyal to the Biden family — confirm Joe Biden helped both Hunter and Jim Biden sell the family brand to foreign buyers, including when he was Barack Obama’s vice president. And bank records, emails, text messages, and other documents recovered from Hunter Biden’s authenticated laptop corroborate their testimony.

So it’s appalling to see the Biden corruption deniers’ manipulation of the Smirnov indictment to launch another Russia-collusion hoax, promising the American public that the entirety of the Biden corruption scandal and Hunter Biden’s legal problems is a Russian disinformation campaign designed to interfere in the 2024 presidential election.