Salena Zito explains in a Washington Examiner column how U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan is approaching his job.

Sitting in Badger High School’s music room in this Walworth County town, House Speaker Paul Ryan ticks through the issues he considers critical to the country’s growth.

Tax reform, his self-avowed duty to fix Obamacare, poverty, opioid addiction and a 100-year correction of 20th century progressivism are foremost on his mind.

So is civility.

“It’s pretty raw in the country right now,” he says.

Wherever he goes, but especially when young people are in the audience, Ryan stresses the importance of spreading civility. “It is something I talk to my staff and the members of my committee about,” he adds.

That’s a stark contrast to the chaos of a Washington, D.C., where he leads half of one of the three branches of government.