Stella Morabito writes for the Federalist that a vote in favor of socialism equals a “vote for state-run slavery.”

What gives? Socialism fails. We know this. Why on earth would anyone be told to vote for it? Today we have right before our very eyes yet another example: imploding Venezuela, standing as yet more proof that socialism fails every single time it is “tried.”

Venezuela is a nation blessed with natural wealth from its massive oil reserves and resources. Today? Its socialism, an ideology tailor-made for corruption and power-mongering, has produced widespread despair. There is chaos in the streets, a climbing homicide rate, starvation, and a mass exodus of perhaps two million people leaving the country.

For those remaining we see a surging suicide rate and other startling problems. For example, there are now reports that human corpses are frequently exploding in morgues because massive power outages along with government ineptitude prevent the growing numbers of dead from being buried before the “emphysematous phase of putrefaction” in the body’s gaseous decomposition occurs. That’s not a pretty picture.

Aside from all that, consider the actual fact that socialism’s natural and consistent spawn, communism, killed at least 100 million people in the 20th century alone.