Today, an article in the local daily on subsidized housing for working, middle-class citizens mentioned in passing Asheville City Council members’ heroic efforts to prevent electromagnetic fields from a substation from penetrating school walls and wrecking immeasurable damage to children’s minds. Citizens here are also concerned about the impact on local children of lead in Flint, Michigan pipelines. Bibles and their messages have long since been labeled inadmissible within public school walls. By way of contrast, there is no mass pushback against using schools as a place to put Ritalin or lithium in childrens’ minds. Why, a few years back, Sunday School kids told me kids did illegal drugs on their desks at their junior high. Things may have changed, but we must not be harsh on kids who might need a little something to take the edge off their socialist indoctrination, diversity (the new racism) training, or feel-good mathematical solutions.

I am lashing out today against pseudoscience. I graduated from public schools in 1981, but I am surrounded by people who, because of my background, tell me, “Physics is just a way of thinking.” They want me to read New-Age books. They talk to me about “the law of attraction,” “positive energy,” and other things that sound more like neurochemistry than telekinesis to me. I cannot complain that they want to monopolize my time ramming this kind of BS down my throat, because contention is bad.