Nick Allen writes for the about the latest bad news for President Biden.

Six in ten voters, including nearly one third of Democrats, say Joe Biden should not run for president in 2024, according to an exclusive Partners poll.

In a further alarming sign for Biden almost half of Democrats say it is not too late for the 81-year-old to be replaced as their party’s nominee.

The extensive survey showed 60 percent think Biden should not seek re-election, with only 34 percent saying he should, and six percent expressing no opinion.

Perhaps the most troubling revelation for the White House will be that even 29 percent of Democrats said Biden should not run, while 64 percent say he should.

The latest set of alarming results for the Biden administration come less than 24 hours after a poll revealed Donald Trump is ahead by four points nationwide.

Results for male and female voters were virtually identical, the poll revealed.

It showed Biden’s support has collapsed among young voters, with 68 percent of under-30s saying he should not run again, the most of any age group.

In every age group over 50 percent of voters thought he should drop out of the race.

Majorities of both college graduates and non-graduates also agreed.

There were signs of Biden losing support in his Democrat base with 59 percent of Hispanic voters, and 49 percent of black voters, saying he should not be the nominee.

And there were further worrying signs for the president with 65 percent of independent voters saying he should not run, with only 26 percent believing he should.

Winning over independents will be crucial if Biden is to defeat the likely Republican nominee Donald Trump in 2024.

In 2020 independents voted 54-41 in favor of Biden over Trump but that advantage now appears to be under threat.