James Lynch writes for National Review Online about an interesting development on Capitol Hill.

Special counsel Robert Hur pushed back forcefully during his Tuesday testimony when Democrats repeatedly pushed him to take partisan positions on the differences between President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump’s classified-documents cases.

Hur fielded questions from members of the House Judiciary Committee about his investigation into Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents following his vice presidency. House Democrats repeatedly questioned Hur’s partisan allegiances because of his decision to comment on Biden’s advanced age in his final report.

Representative Hank Johnson (D., Ga.) pressed Hur on whether he was a registered Republican and falsely accused him of being a member of the Federalist Society, arguing that his conservative leanings motivated him to smear Biden in his report.

“Despite clearing President Biden from being prosecuted, you used your report to trash and smear President Biden because he said in response to questions over a five-hour interview that he didn’t recall how he got the documents. And you knew that that would play into the Republicans’ narrative that the president is unfit for office because he’s senile, and the American people saw during the State of the Union address that that was not true, but yet that’s what you tried to offer to them and that’s why they are having you here today,” Johnson said.

“Congressman, I reject the suggestions you have just made, that is not what happened, partisan politics played no part whatsoever in my work. My work was independent and fair,” Hur said as Johnson tried cutting him off.

Johnson went on to accuse Hur of trying to help Trump get reelected as part of a plan to secure a federal judgeship or senior position in the Justice Department. Hur denied having those aspirations and repeatedly emphasized partisan politics “had no place” in his report.