The NC Dept of Transportation issues, for a fee, special license plates.  Some require qualifications, which The Division of Motor Vehicles will verify, some just require payment of an extra fee.  Each plate has a unique design representing various groups and interests.  Part of the fee goes to support that group or interest.  There are 250 special plates available – everything from AIDS Awareness to Zeta Phi Beta.  Just when you think every possibility for a plate has been covered, a new one is added.  For example a North Carolina Paddle Festival plate was authorized in 2013.  Most controversial?  Pro-Choice, and it’s still being debated.

In oder to qualify for a special license plate, the group has to get 300 supporters applying and willing to pay the extra $10 to $30 fee. Part of the proceeds go to the group. The remainder goes to the DMV.

The complete list of special plates  currently available – all 250 – is available here. Look under (b) types.

Anyone interested in making a JLF special plate number 251?  We’ll need a logo. I’m afraid First in Freedom is taken. And we’ll need 299 more signatures.  Who’s in?