Todd Shepherd of the Washington Free Beacon reports an interesting twist in the feud between high-profile leftist members of Congress and their Democratic colleagues.

The political action committee that helped cement the rise of the four Democratic congresswomen who eventually became known as “the Squad” has launched a set of Facebook ads fundraising off the recent diversity fiasco at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

The new ads from the PAC, Justice Democrats, follow recent efforts by the DCCC to hide internal conflicts between the progressive and moderate wings of the party.

“The Democratic Party has attacked progressive leaders in Congress for ‘making the party look bad,'” one of the ads says. “However, just this week, multiple members of the DCCC leadership have resigned over issues of diversity within the DCCC’s ranks.”

The ad is referring to the forced resignation on Monday of DCCC executive director Allison Jaslow, a white, gay veteran who had once been deployed to Iraq. Five other staffers eventually suffered the same fate, mainly due to demands from two Hispanic Texas congressmen who wanted a “person of color” to be made executive director.

The fallout came after reporting from the Washington Free Beacon revealed homophobic and racially charged tweets from a newly hired staffer for minority outreach, Tayhlor Coleman, who is black.

For example, one of those tweets read, “The vending machine at my center only has Mexican snacks and bebidas. I’m hungry but I’m concerned about safety.”

Coleman was not forced out.