The Kernersville News, Laurinburg Exchange, and Mount Airy News published John Locke Foundation Director of Research and Education Studies Terry Stoops‘ recent column on North Carolina’s challenge recruiting teachers in high-demand subject areas. interviewed Stoops about a campaign ad claiming that N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis cut state education spending. N.C. Senate Republicans promoted Stoops’ comments on the political use of teacher turnover data.

The Highlands Highlander reported on Stoops’ recent speech to a FreedomWorks chapter in Franklin. (FreedomWorks Franklin Director Vic Drummond scheduled Stoops’ presentation in order to inform FreedomWorks members of an important statewide issue that is going to be a political topic in November. “I thought Dr. Stoops did an excellent job of laying out the facts without getting overly political one way or the other,” Drummond said. “In the upcoming election I think that education reform is going to be a hotly discussed issue, and I wanted an expert to come in and explain what exactly is going on in Raleigh. Dr. Stoops is a respected education adviser at the John Locke Foundation, and I was glad that he was willing to take time out of his weekend to speak to us.”)

The Lumberton Robesonian published Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar Roy Cordato‘s column panning the recent increase in Seattle’s government-mandated minimum wage. The Manteo Coastland Times cited Director of Regulatory Studies Jon Sanders‘ concerns about the state lottery. (That would not be wonderful to critics such as Jon Sanders of the conservative John Locke Foundation who say state-sponsored gambling creates more problems than it solves. In addition, Sanders says this state and others are already suffering what he calls “lottery fatigue.”)

The Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald published Sarah Curry’s research newsletter on North Carolina’s new e-cigarette tax. The News & Observer‘s “Under the Dome” blog publicized the recent release of JLF’s Agenda 2014 candidate’s guide.