The Raleigh News and Observer interviewed John Locke Foundation director of research and education studies Terry Stoops for an article about North Carolina’s latest public school teacher turnover report. The Asheboro Courier-Tribune picked up that story. The Kernersville News published Stoops’ column about false perceptions surrounding public school funding.

An opinion column in the N&O noted N.C. Department of Environmental Quality Secretary Donald van der Vaart’s recent comments about nuclear energy during a presentation for JLF’s Shaftesbury Society. The N&O referenced JLF Vice President and Carolina Journal Publisher Jon Ham in a profile featuring Ham’s daughter, nationally recognized conservative author and commentator Mary Katharine Ham.

Director of Fiscal Policy Studies Sarah Curry and Research Intern Austin Pruitt released a new Spotlight report highlighting the use of economic incentives within North Carolina’s 13 largest cities. Those cities promised $65 million in incentives from 2009 to 2014.

The Wake Forest Weekly published CJ Executive Editor Don Carrington‘s article on a gang leader’s death threats against an assistant U.S. attorney, along with CJ coverage of controversial legislation that would give state legislators more flexibility to raise funds outside the traditional structures of the Democratic and Republican parties. The Carolina Partnership for Reform blog cited contributors Jesse Saffron and Jenna Robinson‘s recent story on highly paid University of North Carolina system bureaucrats.

Chapel Hill’s Daily Tar Heel interviewed JLF Director of Education Outreach Lindalyn Kakadelis about North Carolina’s latest public school teacher turnover report. The DTH interviewed Senior Political Analyst Mitch Kokai about the race to face incumbent Republican Richard Burr in North Carolina’s 2016 U.S. Senate contest.

N.C. Senate Republicans cited CJ Associate Editor Barry Smith‘s article on the pending sale of unused state buildings, Smith’s story on legislators’ interest in addressing unfunded government retiree health liabilities, Director of Regulatory Studies Jon Sanders‘ column on the recent decision to repeal the state’s “certificate of public advantage,” and Stoops’ newsletter on North Carolina’s net importation of public school teachers.