Joseph Curl of the Washington Times discusses in a recent column the changing tactics of climate alarmists.

[J]ust like the global cooling of the ‘70s, the warming stopped and was replaced by (wait for it!) more cooling. “Despite the original forecasts, major climate research centers now accept that there has been a ‘pause’ in global warming since 1997,” the UK’s Daily Telegraph reported just last September.

So what does the MSM do? Simple: Rewrite the parameters to make the “facts” fit their story line.

Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace finally got around to pointing that out Sunday. “When did ‘global warming’ become ‘climate change’?” the talk show host asked Kimberley Strassel of The Wall Street Journal.

“It became ‘climate change’ when you couldn’t prove that there was much global warming anymore, as the temperatures didn’t change,” she said. “So, suddenly we had to have this catch-all term, what was responsible [which] meant that any change in the weather somehow supported the theory.”

Exactly. And the MSM is ready to move on the new version of “facts.” All four networks held roundtables Sunday to discuss not global warming, but “climate change.” NBC News’ Chuck Todd explained the new metrics: “There are a lot of people that say ‘OK, let’s not debate who’s right, man-made or is it just nature that’s happening. The fact of the matter, it’s happening.’”

But “Meet the Press” host David Gregory wanted to make sure we knew who was still to blame, despite the name change. “There is agreement about where we are, about climate change being real, that it’s caused by humans. There are again pockets of skepticism, but the politics is completely gummed up on this and nothing’s getting done.”

So now, apparently, all climate is somehow Man’s fault. And when it gets really cold outside (or really hot), that hurts the economy, hurts jobs, hurts the mom-and-pop Main Street businesses, restaurants — everything.