Thomas Lifson of the American Thinker questions Kamala Harris’ decision to attack fellow Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in their first high-profile debate.

Kamala Harris is scary in her pathological ambition, moral flexibility, comfort with deception, and sheer ruthlessness. She may have erred in prematurely exposing those traits in the very first round of Democrat presidential debates, allowing her competitors to recognize the threat she poses to all of them, and to formulate appropriate countermeasures.

Of course, these traits are to some degree shared by almost anyone who wants to run for president. No normal person is willing to make the sacrifices we demand of our candidates for Commander-in-Chief. There has to be an inner fire, a desire that overshadows other normal human impulses. But in order to make life tolerable for everyone in a political party, certain norms operate to keep the conflict within bounds, and to avoid frightening the general public too much about the character of the party’s leadership class. …

… Now that she has stung Biden and knocked him back on his heels, all the other scorpions know that the norms of civilized campaigning don’t apply to her. She should watch her own back. David Axelrod speaks for many in the party in pointing out her fatuousness.