Dov Fischer writes for the American Spectator about contrasting responses to the U.S. House’s presidential impeachment inquiry.

In the classic Rorschach test, the psychoanalyst shows a patient a bunch of inkblots and asks what each looks like. The responses are supposed to help guide the psychoanalysis by offering insight into the patient’s idiosyncratic perspective. The test has its critics, and sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but it can offer a fascinating insight into the human mind. If every inkblot is perceived by the patient as another implement or accessory used in baseball, we may very well be dealing with a baseball fan. …

… I have not been watching the “impeachment” hearings because (i) I have a life, (ii) I am busy, (iii) the little smidgeons I have caught at snack time have been boring, (iv) I am not going to let two charlatans like Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff dictate how I spend my time, and (v) I access enough variegated news sources daily that I can get the gist of each day’s circus in a fraction of the time. If I want to know about Marie Yovanovitch, for example, I am not going to rely on Mourning Joe and Mika, on Rachel Maddow or Chris Matthews. Instead, I do my own independent research.

By now it seems clear that the “impeachment” hearings are a Rorschach test, with Adam Schiff the most notable ink splotch. It is what you want to see. If you hate Trump, everything is impeachable. If you love Trump, everything is impeccable. And regardless of your Trump feelings, everything is imperceptible.