Editors at Investor’s Business Daily take Democrats to task for failing to stand up to election-related violence.

What happens when men physically assault female politicians or threaten them with poison? If those women are Republicans and the attackers are leftists, Democrats greet them with silence, excuses, or worse. So left-wing violence grows.

Here’s what the “tolerant” left has been up to in just the past few days, as the midterm elections near:

In Nevada, police arrested a left-wing operative for assaulting Kristin Davison, who is the campaign manager for gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt. …

… In Minnesota, a man punched state representative Sarah Anderson in the arm after she confronted him for destroying Republican campaign yard signs.

“He was charging at me, saying, ‘Why don’t you go kill yourself?’ ” she told the Washington Free Beacon. …

… The conservative news site Breitbart has been tracking acts of left-wing violence — or active encouragement of it by politicians and journalists — and found more than two dozen in just the first two weeks of this month. The list tops 600 over the past two years.

And what has been the response from leading Democrats and the mainstream media to these attacks, especially those against women? Expressions of outrage from party leaders? Loud denunciations of violence of any kind?

Nope. Mostly crickets.