Since the naming of Paul Ryan as the Republican VP candidate many libertarians on FB and Twitter have been pointing out, often and sometimes vociferously, “the Ryan Plan” is not to get rid of Medicare and Medicaid but to reform it and to save it. This is meant to be criticism of Ryan, showing that he’s just another statist. Below is taken from the web site of LP presidential candidate  Gary Johnson:

MOST PEOPLE IN WASHINGTON SEEM TO THINK that we can control spending and balance the budget without reforming Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. This is lunacy.

  • Identify and implement common-sense cost savings to place Medicare on a path toward long-term solvency.
  • Block grant Medicare and Medicaid funds to the states, allowing them to innovate, find efficiencies and provide better service at lower cost.
  • Repeal President Obama’s healthcare plan, as well as the failed Medicare prescription drug benefit.

Fix Social Security by changing the escalator from being based on wage growth to inflation. It’s time for Social Security to reflect today’s realities without breaking trust with retirees.