Admittedly I did not see the North Carolina connection as the controversy between the NBA and China has evolved. But think about it–first, Rush Limbaugh:

he same NBA that told North Carolina to go to hell because they wouldn’t have same sex bathrooms to accommodate transgenders wants to cozy and up make friends with the ChiComs. Because there’s 1.2 billion people as a market in China and how many people in North Carolina does the NBA really care about? Aw, man, there’s so many teachable moments here. We’re gonna get to ’em as the program unfolds.

..And former Gov. Pat McCrory:

The NBA has twice issued statements looking to strike a balance between apologizing for what was perceived as an insult by Chinese officials and businesses, while defending free expression.

McCrory told the Observer on Tuesday the NBA sought no such middle ground over HB2, which he and other Republicans saw as a sensible law to protect safety in bathrooms and other public facilities.

“I see hypocrisy,” said McCrory, who was Charlotte’s mayor from 1995 to 2009. “They wanted to involve themselves with North Carolina commerce and an election, while not setting the same standard for China.

“I called them out then (when the All-Star Game was moved), and it’s still true now.”

Ah, 21st Century problems–where sports leagues –and their athletes–can be multimillionaires and social justice warriors–when suits them, at least.