The N.C. State Education Assistance Authority posted updated data on the Opportunity Scholarship Program, which awards private school vouchers to low-income children.

Between 2017 and 2019, the Opportunity Scholarship Program had a 12.8 percent increase in applications and a 16 percent increase in recipients (so far).  Not bad!


2018-19 School Year

New Applicants: 11,935

Eligible New Applicants: 8,113

New Scholarships Offered: 7,593

New Scholarships Accepted: 5,537

Total 18-19 Recipients to date: 8,553


2017-18 School Year

New Applicants 10,577

Eligible New Applicants 7,432

New Scholarships Offered 6,053

Total 17-18 Recipients to date 7,371