As she heads out the door of the executive mansion, Gov. Beverly Perdue isn’t going quietly. She pushed through the Council of State a deal to create a new park on the Dorothea Dix property, and she ignored her own screening process — established by executive order — in order to appoint a new N.C. Supreme Court Justice. Becki Gray examines Perdue’s actions in the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. You’ll also hear highlights from the Council of State debate on the Dix park deal.

Speaking of questionable deals, Rick Henderson discusses a settlement that allowed former N.C. first lady Mary Easley to double her state pension.

You’ll hear public reaction to a proposal that would help North Carolina speed the process of paying back $2.5 billion owed to the federal government for unemployment insurance debt.

Plus Charles Murray of the American Enterprise Institute will discuss key themes from his most recent book, Coming Apart, which documents changes in America’s upper and working classes.