John Hawkins highlights at several threats to American society that few people acknowledge.

The Debt. Nuclear bombs. Widespread terrorist attacks with WMDs. Biological weapons. Asteroids. These are not threats that anyone should take lightly because they have the potential to do almost incalculable damage to our nation’s future. However, there are other major concerns that have the potential to break our country (and many other Western nations) that you don’t hear much about.

1. No more babies

Did you know sperm counts are dropping all across the Western world? …

… The scariest thing about this? No one knows exactly why it’s happening. Sure, there’s lots of speculation about chemicals and changing diets, but nobody can definitively point to what’s causing this problem. Wouldn’t it be ironic if our world didn’t end with a nuclear exchange or an enormous asteroid hitting the planet, but rather with no more strollers, cribs and children?

2. Automation replacing jobs

As computers become ever more sophisticated, there will be more and more jobs they can do. Wal-Mart has started experimenting with using a robot to scan shelves. Burger joints are using automation to order food. …

… 3. Artificial Intelligence

It’s easy to laugh this one off. “What, is Clippy going to take over the world? HAHAHAH.” Rudimentary artificial intelligence is hard to take seriously, but most people fail to see how quickly AI is advancing. …

… 4. An EMP Attack/Solar Storm

This one has gotten more attention over time, but most people seem entirely unaware of the dire ramifications. An EMP blast would be caused by a nuclear weapon detonated at high altitude over our country while a solar storm would consist of a massive cloud of plasma ejected from the sun.