At, economist Tyler Cowen provides a link to the California Policy Center’s Transparent California website, which shows total pay and benefits paid to each of  6.5 million public employees in California in 2013.  I only the looked at the first page (out of 136,000), but the lowest paid employee there — a Fire Engineer in San Diego — got $212,386. Everyone else got considerably more, e.g.:

A Fire Captain in Richmond got $509,993

A Police Corporal in LA got $425,660

A Staff Psychiatrist in Riverside got $499,586

A Deputy Sheriff in San Francisco got $344,560

A Staff Nurse in Salinas got $337,181

A Police Officer in Oakland got $436,256

Kudos to the California Policy Center for giving the public online access to this information.  Maybe it will help Californians understand how they got into their current fiscal mess.