Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner highlights one form of Trump administration outreach.

Conservative and Christian colleges and universities are landing more interns inside the Trump White House and administration after an 8-year dry spell during the Obama era.

Schools such as Liberty University, Patrick Henry College, and Hillsdale College have seen a significant increase in students winning internships in the Republican administration as well as on Capitol Hill and the U.S. Supreme Court, and it follows a surge in their graduates getting jobs in Washington.

During the Obama years, for example, Liberty landed two interns in the White House. Under Trump, they’ve already placed 11.

And since Trump became president, Liberty has placed 37 students through its Washington Fellowship program into House and Senate offices. During Obama’s eight years, they had 78 interns on Capitol Hill.

Michigan’s Hillsdale said its numbers were similar and added that the jobs student interns are taking are much better in the Trump White House.

Ditto for Patrick Henry College, the nation’s first for home-schooled students. The college in Purcellville, Va., about an hour’s drive from the White House, said it had no interns in the Obama White House after having 11 serve in the George W. Bush administration.