Ben Shapiro argues at National Review Online that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump doesn’t seem to care whether his party maintains control of Congress.

For the entirety of the general election cycle, we’ve heard Donald Trump and his supporters claim that conservatives have no choice but to support him. After all, Trump said, he would appoint a fifth conservative justice to the Supreme Court (never mind that Justice Roberts is at best a mixed bag) and build a wall (never mind that deportations are the most critical element of any immigration policy). Trump defenders continually beat the drums on this: Sure, you might not be able to trust Trump, but you could trust Hillary to do the wrong thing on such issues. That made Trump the safest bet.

On Sunday and Monday, the Trump team itself utterly destroyed this argument.

We know Trump doesn’t care one iota about conservatism because he doesn’t care one iota about whether Republicans carry the Senate or the House. In order for Trump to implement anything remotely approaching a serious conservative agenda, he’d have to have a significant Republican majority in both houses of Congress. No Republican Senate majority, no Scalia-like justice. No House majority, no wall.

Trump knows that. But he’s now initiated a full-scale war against active Republican candidates simply to gratify his ego, blistered from a lifetime of emotional masturbation. He’s less interested in governing as a conservative than in grabbing dissenting Republicans by the . . . well, you know.