David Drucker of the Washington Examiner reports on President Trump’s latest confrontation with his own party.

President Trump has reverted to publicly flogging Republicans in Congress, burdening his ostensible allies with undue political pressure just as they gear up for a daunting midterm campaign.

In a tweetstorm Monday, Trump blamed Democrats but also Republicans for his stalled immigration agenda, suggesting, that it would clear Congress if GOP leaders in the Senate eliminated the filibuster rule requiring a super majority of votes for most legislation. The outburst comes after the president scolded Republicans for the bloated omnibus spending package that he was intimately involved in negotiating.

“Trump doesn’t seem very concerned about losing the midterms,” Alex Conant, a veteran Republican strategist, said Monday in an interview with the Washington Examiner. “Trump’s attacks on Congressional Republicans aren’t strategic. Every time he criticizes Congress without singling out Democrats, he’s hurting a Republican’s chances of getting re-elected.”

Trump openly feuded with Republicans for much of his first year in office, lashing out over failures real and perceived. The infighting receded as the White House and Republicans collaborated on tax reform. Trump embraced Republican incumbents ahead of potentially tough primary campaigns and both sides worked together to promote the historic tax overhaul.

The detente, already fraying, was severed late last month.