Margot Cleveland of the Federalist weighs competing negative elements of American public life.

Character counts. But so do the consequences of criminalizing the election of the “wrong” president.

… [W]hile conservatives detest Trump’s philandering ways, they have long since tired of politicians’ puffery: Trump may lie to his wife and to Americans, but he delivers.

Still, some conservatives, such as Michael Medved, have suggested that Trump should resign — for the better of his party, his country, and ultimately his own place in history. Wouldn’t the sacrosanct Mike Pence silence the storm and mend the societal rupture surrounding Trump’s presidency?

No, because this storm was never about the president’s past infidelity or Trump arranging for Cohen to use cash to silence the stripper. The left’s effortless pivot from their two-year investment in establishing that Trump colluded with Russia reveals the their real dispute with the president: Trump won, and Hillary lost. Replacing Trump with Pence will not be enough. Only when Democrats regain what they believe should rightfully be theirs — control of the government — will amends be made.

If the left succeeds in forcing Trump out of office, the damage to our democratic republic cannot be understated. Trump’s infidelity, wrong though it is, is far less destructive to our country than the last two years of sabotage set off by Washington insiders — first on a presidential campaign and then, following the populace’s selection of the “wrong” candidate, on Trump’s presidency.