Headline: Saunders: In Tata debate, let’s watch the extreme language

UA: Barry, 1) Find a time machine.  2) Publish the above statement of civility in 2009.  3) Enjoy a shred of credibility in the current debate.


Headline: Dome: Teachers group challenges McCrory

UA: Pat, ignore the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) and the rest of the Dalton/Perdue education consiglieri.  Everyone else does.


Headline: Wake looking at restoring diversity in assignment policy

UA from Jim Goodmon: “Almost before their seats were warm, they changed a very significant policy.  If you’re a responsible board, a responsible manager,  you don’t do that. You don’t do that before you have a feasibility study done.  Why would a responsible board change a policy that they had no idea what they wanted to do.  They only said what they wouldn’t do. Therein lies the reason why you’ve got 17,000 employees wondering what in the hell is going on in the front office. They (staff) don’t know what they’re (board) going to do. By the way, they (board) don’t know what they’re going to do.” (Great Schools in Wake Coalition forum, 2010)


Headline: With Tata’s job on the line, some urge caution

UA from Jim Goodmon, part 1:[On the school board’s attitude about staff] “The superintendent has to go. He’s the enemy. He doesn’t agree with us. This notion that we’ve got to get all these people out of the school system and we’ll get some business people to run it and everything will be peaches. (Great Schools in Wake Coalition forum, 2010)

UA from Jim Goodmon, part 2: “This political single issue ideological focus can throw us off track completely because of the way they’re running the school board. We should demand a more professional and businesslike governance of the school system.” (Great Schools in Wake Coalition forum, 2010)