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John Locke Foundation experts helped North Carolinians this week as they tried to make sense of the Nov. 4 election results. The Rocky Mount Telegram called on JLF President John Hood for insight about the dangers of proposed campaign finance “reforms.” The Kinston Free Press sought Vice President Chad Adams‘ opinion about a plan to drop partisan labels from municipal elections in that eastern city. Carolina Journal Radio Co-Host Donna Martinez discussed election results Monday in an appearance before the Wake County Young Republicans. Topics included lessons learned, trends, the potential end of public financing of presidential campaigns, fiscal conservatism winning at the local level, the rise of Mike Munger and the Libertarians, the end of objective journalism, and the savaging of Sarah Palin. Meck Deck blogger Jeff Taylor joined WBT’s Tara Servatius Wednesday to discuss the impact of Mecklenburg County turnout on election results.

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