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The federal government’s discussion of massive bailouts within the U.S. economy’s financial sector has raised warning flags for John Locke Foundation President John Hood. Hood shared his concerns in a column-length post this week on National Review Online’s primary blog, “The Corner.” The post earned kudos from “Corner” colleagues including Mark Levin. National Journal also highlighted Hood’s ideas this week on its “Hotline.” Less than six weeks before the election, a JLF Headliner audience in Winston-Salem heard from Michael Barone, the political expert from Fox News and U.S. News & World Report. Bob Buckley of Fox Television Triad affiliate WGHP interviewed Barone for a series of upcoming political stories. Speaking of Buckley, his interview with JLF Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar Roy Cordato is now available online. (It’s the Sept. 22 story on price gouging.) Cordato earned more face time this week, as a crew associated with the Washington Post‘s “Purple States” television project interviewed him about federal energy policy. Cordato also granted an interview to the statewide radio N.C. News Network. He responded to a recent poll suggesting growing support among North Carolinians for offshore drilling for oil and natural gas. Clips from Cordato’s recent appearance on Tara Servatius’ WBT Radio program are also available now online. Servatius and Cordato discussed North Carolina’s misguided price-gouging law. JLF Vice President for Communications Jon Ham also made a recent appearance on Servatius’ program, discussing this recent Media Mangle about a Washington Post reporter making up facts to fit a preconceived story line.

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