Joy Pullmann of the Federalist offers readers ideas for using the federal government’s latest stimulus checks.

Democrats’ fifth round of “coronavirus” “stimulus” will soon hand another $1,400 in government debt, plus interest, to every American man, woman, and child in 90 percent of U.S. households. It’s clear this is yet another round of hush money meant to keep Americans quiet and distracted while Democrats restructure the United States into a larger version of their failed uniparty state, California.

While COVID times have been obviously worse than the four years of prosperity and freedom under President Trump, the U.S. unemployment rate is currently 6.2 percent, markedly better than the average during Barack Obama’s presidency, 7.4 percent. States and government agencies are also sitting on more than $1 trillion in unspent dollars from the previous four rounds of “stimulus.”

While Republicans joined every other stampede into massive and needless inflation of public debt in the name of COVID, they finally hit their limit with this bill, with none voting for it. Less than 9 percent of this bailout is going to anything that can be construed as targeting COVID. This is not a COVID bill, this is a bill helping to pave the way for socialism and economic disaster. …

… Americans have to be smarter and tougher than this. Don’t take these opiates. Turn their own traps back on them as much as you can.

They want to use this money to make you into the people populating Disney’s cartoon “Wall-E.” Instead, turn it into a weapon for antifragility. The nation’s future depends on your refusal to enable the kind of world Democrats are preparing. …

… Don’t buy a flat-screen TV or a nicer patio or newer car with the kids’ money.

Use it to fight the ruling class that has so much contempt for you they think they can buy you off with handouts they stole from the next generation to destabilize the country’s future. What they mean for evil, use strategically for good.