A handful of Haywood County Democrats held a rally in Waynesville to protest the education budget.  WLOS News 13 covered the event and offered the following summary of the festivities:

Demonstrators marched from Democratic headquarters to the courthouse vowing to fight cuts to early education and teacher assistant positions. They also say they will work to vote the Republican majority out of office in the legislature. Participants say the future of education in North Carolina depends on that, but overall their main concern is the children.

Yup.  Their main concern is the children.  They are so concerned about the children that they spent the day volunteering in their local schools listening to speakers from the North Carolina Association of Educators and singing along to folk tunes.
By the way, Haywood County Schools spends over $400 more per student than the state average ($8,848 vs. $8,436 during the 2011-12 school year).