Paul Mirengoff of the Power Line blog explores Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s reaction to a troubling accusation against her campaign.

Six African-American staffers from Elizabeth Warren’s Nevada campaign have resigned. They accused the campaign of “tokenism” and racial insensitivity, and claimed that their work environment was “toxic.”

There are two possibilities here. The first is that the allegations are true. Warren wouldn’t be the first liberal to treat African-Americans as tokens or, indeed, affirmatively to mistreat them. And even if Warren herself doesn’t discriminate against African-American staff members, it’s certainly possible that those who help run her campaign do.

The second possibility is that the allegations are BS. These six staffers wouldn’t be the first employees to play the race card without justification. …

… What I find significant about this story is Warren’s reaction to the allegations. She stated:

“You know, I believe these women without any equivocation, and I apologize personally that they had a bad experience on the campaign.”

Note that the six women aren’t just saying that they had a bad experience working for Warren’s campaign. They are saying they had a bad experience because they are black. They are accusing the campaign of racism. And Warren says she believes this “without any equivocation.”

Why does Warren believe that her Nevada campaign mistreated the women because of their race? Did she investigate? Is she adopting a variation of the “always believe the women” mantra that infects feminists’ responses to claims of male sexual misconduct? Or is she simply throwing the leadership of her Nevada campaign under the bus as a matter of political expediency?

I think it’s the mantra in service of expediency. Pathetic.