Stacey Lennox writes for about interesting facts surrounding COVID-19.

Last week, Dr. Anthony Fauci spoke at what many of us fervently pray is his last official press conference. After botching the HIV epidemic in ways that are part of the public record, Fauci was allowed to bring Covid tyranny down on much of the nation in the name of “public health” for over two years. He achieved this by encouraging containment measures never used in modern history and gaslighting America about everything from cloth masks to the efficacy of experimental vaccines.

So, it is only fitting that he ended his leadership of the Covid response by lying to Americans again. During the presser, he said:

“If you look at the data, they are just profoundly striking of the curves of death and hospitalization of vaccinated and unvaccinated versus vaccinated and boosted. So there is a relatively smaller difference in vaccinated and unboosted versus vaccinated plus boosted. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get boosted. But the real danger is in the people who have not been vaccinated. That’s where we expect if we are going to see a problem this winter, it’s gonna be among those people.”

The data say no such thing, and even the Washington Post acknowledges it. In April, “The Health 202” newsletter from the paper noted that a growing percentage of Americans dying from Covid were vaccinated:

*Vaccinated people made up 42 percent of fatalities when the omicron variant was surging in January and February.

*That’s compared with September, when vaccinated people comprised just 23 percent of deaths during delta’s peak.

*The bulk of vaccinated deaths were concentrated in people who hadn’t gotten boosted. …

… [S]ince the CDC data have been garbage in and garbage out throughout the pandemic, it is fair to compare the date at different points in time. And the WaPo newsletter did. On the same day that Dr. Fauci made his final speech from the podium, “The Health 202” newsletter proclaimed that vaccinated people now make up a majority of Covid deaths.