Mark Tapscott asks at who actually runs the Biden White House.

Back in the dark days of the Soviet Union (USSR), it was not unusual for foreign visitors, especially journalists and diplomats, to go home and tell everybody how clean everything was, how happy and well-fed the people all appeared to be and how all of them expressed undying love and devotion to the Communist Party.

They got those impressions because Soviet officials routinely took such visitors to “Potemkin Villages” — fake towns created specifically for the purpose of concealing from those visiting the USSR from outside of the Communist “paradise” the hellish reality of oppression, starvation and official brutality within it. The Soviets didn’t invent the Potemkin Village but they routinely used them.

A December 22 news story in The Hill, a liberal media outlet that focuses on Congress, provides a huge hint that, despite the appearances and official claims to the contrary, Joe Biden isn’t the man in charge of the White House, that his is a Potemkin Presidency.

The headline proclaims, “Biden Kept at Distance from McConnell in Border Talks.” Then the lede of the news story says Biden “has kept a distance from Senate negotiations on a border deal critical to securing congressional aid to Ukraine, even as GOP lawmakers repeatedly called for him to enter the talks.”

Catch the subtle difference there? The headline is passive, while the lede is active. The lede clearly suggests Biden himself is why he has not been involved in the much-ballyhooed negotiations between his administration, Senate Democrats, and Senate Republicans seeking an end-of-the-year deal on stopping the rising flood of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. at its Southern border with Mexico. …

… Wait a minute! America’s commander-in-chief can “be dragged anywhere,” according to a Democratic lawmaker who, intentionally or otherwise, lets slip the disturbing truth about the man Americans put in their Oval Office instead of Donald Trump?