Surely by now you’ve heard that President Trump has named Greensboro businessman Louis DeJoy as the new postmaster general. Didn’t take long—NYT expresses concern, given the call for national mail-in voting for the 2020 election:

The installment of one of President Trump’s financial backers and a longtime Republican donor as the postmaster general is raising concerns among Democrats and ethics watchdogs that the Postal Service will be politicized at a time when states are mobilizing their vote-by-mail efforts ahead of the 2020 election.

The Postal Service’s board of governors on Wednesday night selected Louis DeJoy, a North Carolina businessman and veteran of the logistics industry, to lead the struggling agency, which faces insolvency and has frequently drawn the ire of Mr. Trump. The president has been pushing the post office to increase prices on companies that use it to deliver packages, such as Amazon, and has threatened to withhold funding if sweeping changes are not enacted.

Those changes have failed to get off the ground, but with Mr. DeJoy at the helm there are growing concerns that the nation’s mail carrier could be weaponized./blockquote>

The article adds “although Mr. DeJoy is well known among Republican donors, he is about to experience a new level of public scrutiny when he begins the job on June 15.” That’s the understatement of the year. No disrespect intended, but Greensboro’s a small pond, and the living is relatively easy. I interviewed DeJoy back in my days as a business reporter, attempting to find out exactly what his company–New Breed Logistics–actually does. He seemed pretty unflappable. But this is the biggest stage on which he will ever walk–even bigger than the stage on which his wife –Dr Aldona Wos–appeared as North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services secretary under controversial (another understatement) Gov. Pat McCrory.