The United States only has less than a month supply of diesel fuel, according to some reports. This adds yet another layer to the energy crisis, which is set to deepen during the winter and holiday months.

The left’s continued and relentless obsession with clean energy and the destruction of the fuel industry has yielded the inevitable results. The country is apparently starting to run out of diesel fuel, which is responsible for supporting a massive amount of the country’s internal transportation and commerce.

Though the diesel supply technically runs on a “just in time” model, it usually has a 30-40 day supply. Currently, it’s at just 26 days with only 25 million barrels in storage. 

This is bad news, especially considering the upcoming holiday season. This is the time of year when semi-trucks and other trucks will be used to shuttle presents to stores and homes across the country. 

If there is no supply or the supply is limited, it could be a disappointing and pricey Christmas and Hanukkah for many.

Concerns are already being raised with the Biden administration, though at this point it remains unclear if there will be any sort of intervention.

“Diesel is critically important to America’s transportation network and the economy as a whole,” said Ted Budd, a representative from North Carolinas 13th District, who is also running for the state’s U.S. Senate seat. 

“Agriculture is North Carolina’s top industry. Farmers in my state rely on dependable, low-cost supply of diesel to keep their farms operating and to ensure Americans up and down the east coast have food to put on the table. A disruption to the diesel supply chain would have catastrophic effects throughout the economy and for our national security.”

Tom Kloza, founder of Oil Price Information Services, told Newsweek, “I think that every fuel has been essentially in crisis this year at one time or another.” 

He goes onto explain that due to the ban on Russian imports, the country is adjusting what it can and cannot manage in terms of supply. This is resulting in what could be a brutal three to four months, as the winter settles into the northeast, where the shortage is most pronounced, and the holidays after just around the corner.

“You can have problems not just with diesel, but lots of other products. And you might have problems because some of the diesel gets used for heating oil or it even gest used because natural gas is interrupted to commercial customers.”

At this point, it doesn’t appear like there is any official response from the Biden administration about this issue.

On November 4, the president posted on Twitter that “gas prices have declined by 24% over the last 20 weeks.” He seems to have forgotten that they’re still at least a dollar higher than they were in 2020. 

The country is getting electric school buses though, there is that.

This shortage is just another reminder that this seemingly endless energy crisis has a simple solution, the American oil and gas industry. Unfortunately, it’s the only option the Biden administration won’t pursue.