The Winston-Salem City Council’s finance committee endorsed a deal from the state that would provide over $1 million toward the project to renovate both the Peters Creek Parkway interchange and a mile-long segment of Business Interstate 40 downtown. The majority of the money would go toward –you guessed it—a biking and walking path beside Business 40.

But here’s the interesting part—something that left Assistant City Manager Greg turner scratching his head a bit:

City officials said the state is paying the higher of two appraisals on the right-of-way being acquired. One appraisal came in around $745,000, but the state is paying the city the higher amount of more than $1 million.

It wasn’t clear Monday night why the state was willing to pay the higher amount.

“It is a gift horse, and I am not going to look in its mouth,” Turner said.

As we know very well hear in Greensboro with its expensive downtown greenway—no expense should be spared when it comes to bike paths.