Ryan Mills writes for National Review Online about a major law school’s efforts to indoctrinate students with left-wing ideas.

University of Wisconsin Law students were taught during a mandatory “Re-Orientation” training on Friday that believing in “colorblindness” and rugged individualism, or saying that “people of color can be racist,” are all forms of racism that should be challenged.

The diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) workshop was part of the larger Re-Orientation program for first-year law students who just completed their first semester.

Documents obtained by the conservative legal firm Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, or WILL, show that in the lead-up to the DEI session, students were asked to read a document that suggests: “28 common racist attitudes and behaviors that indicate a detour or wrong turn into white guilt, denial, or defensiveness.” The document often turns to broad generalizations of things that “whites tend to” do. It includes things like apologizing for the behavior of other whites without taking “antiracist action” and being overly deferential to people of color.

In a press release, WILL said the training document calling out forms of racism was itself racist, and the organization demanded that the school remove the subject matter.

The UW Law communications department did not immediately respond to emails and phone calls from National Review on Monday afternoon.

Notes from the training obtained by WILL indicate that students were instructed on “deconstructing racism,” “lifelong racial literacy,” and “anti-racism intervention steps.” They were also provided with a “Race Timeline Worsksheet.”

“The student body is being subject to nonsense that ignores the rule of law and true equality in favor of a racialized way of seeing the world,” Rick Esenberg, WILL’s president and general counsel, said in a prepared statement. “It is distressing to see our state’s only public law school requiring students to be ‘trained’ in a set of concepts which shreds the rejection of racial discrimination that so many fought so hard to make the law of the land.”