From Carolina Journal:

Now that Democrats have erased the GOP’s veto-proof majorities for the 2019 legislative session, Republican lawmakers could try to rush initiatives through a lame duck legislative session scheduled for Nov. 27, a top political observer says.

Democrats gained ground by wiping out Republican legislative delegations in Wake and Mecklenburg counties.

Jonathan Kappler, executive director of the N.C. FreeEnterprise Foundation who closely tracks state elections, offered those takeaways during a Wednesday, Nov. 7, post-election analysis.

Republicans muscled their agenda through the first two years of Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s administration. They swatted down 20 of a record 25 Cooper vetoes.

“All of a sudden that has more relevance” when the new General Assembly is sworn in on Jan. 1, Kappler said of Cooper vetoes. Without veto-proof majorities, Republicans will need Democratic votes to override them.

That is an unlikely prospect. The parties have a rancorous relationship, and Democrats frequently express discontent about exclusion from formative levels of policy discussions where the die often is cast on pending legislation.

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