… here’s an animated recap.

Two weeks ago, Republicans greeted surprising news of a budget surplus that, factoring in unspent money reverting back to the General Fund, amounted to about $850 million:

money flies

Now, voters might have expected more fiscal discipline from House Republicans — if not out of a supposed philosophical difference from previous Democrat-led chambers, then at least from a “dance with the one that brung ya” perspective — but …

Eeyore disappointed

Meanwhile, the corporate cronies — including the ones shamelessly cheered on by our “anti-cronyism” posturing media who are supposedly opposed to “outrageous bow[s] to an industry with political clout” — took their very, very familiar place:

oliver twist 2

And the House budget writers were like:

baby throws money

A process that to working North Carolinians looked more like:

rain money dance

But when they complained, when disgusted donors announced they were holding back donations, and when principled groups like Americans for Prosperity and others complained, the leadership’s response was like:

Joker - not about money

Message received.