On Monday, October 21, JLF’s Jordan Roberts spoke about healthcare at the Republican Speakers Forum. The Rhino Times reported on his appearance.

The reporter, John Hammer, reported on the reasons Roberts rejects Medicaid expansion as America’s healthcare solution:

Roberts explained that one of the reasons the Locke Foundation is opposed to Medicaid expansion is that is not what Medicaid was designed to do.

He said that Medicaid was designed to serve low income, elderly, blind and disabled people, not working people who can’t afford healthcare coverage.

He said the Locke Foundation believed that it made more sense to fix the current system that causes people not to be able to afford healthcare.

He also reported on Roberts’ comments about the additional debt that would fall to the American taxpayer:

Another issue Roberts brought up about Medicaid expansion is the expense. Even with the federal government picking up 90 percent of the tab, it would to cost the state a couple hundred million dollars and the federal government can change the percentage that it pays.

He also noted that the federal government doesn’t have the money to pay for Medicaid expansion and will have to borrow the money at a time when it is already $22 trillion in debt.

Read the full article here. Read more about the cost of Medicaid expansion here and watch Jordan Roberts’ interview with Carolina Journal Radio where he discusses these costs here.