From the Fayetteville Observer, presumably to the dismay of the editors:

After more than four hours of testimony, Moore County Commissioners denied a 27.5-acre solar farm project at 415 Stage Road, near Carthage.…

An appraiser hired by the developing company HCE Moore II told commissioners that according to his market study, the property values of adjoining properties would not be affected by the solar farm.

But Ron Heiniger, who testified on behalf of those opposed to the development, said the facility would not be harmonious with land use in the neighborhood.

“I had to conclude that the highest and best use is agricultural and single family residential,” he said.

Several commissioners also said they were concerned the solar farm, which would have more than 22-thousand solar panels, would not be a good fit for the neighborhood.

The Websters also told commissioners that they were concerned about the environmental impact of the solar panels long term.

More information about environmental impacts of solar facilities can be found in, for example, Carolina Journal, “Lawmakers Warn of Solar Farm Cleanup Costs“; my newsletter, “Renewable energy facilities gobble up subsidies, natural habitats“; and my recent report, “Natural Gas: Low-Cost Energy Source That Curbs Emissions and Land Impacts.”