Great story from the Martin County Enterprise & Weekly Herald about a student who attends the North Carolina Virtual Academy.

Growing up, Jalen Barkley dreaded going to school.

Born with a speech and development delay, he was the target of classroom bullies.

His freshman year he wanted to try attending an out of county high school. … “He stayed one semester. There was so much bullying and fighting.  One boy spit in his face – and that was just it for me.  I pulled him out,” [his mother] Pamela said.  “After that incident he didn’t go back.”  It was at that point she enrolled him in NCVA.  Pamela watched Jalen thrive in the online environment. “I think it is the best choice I could have made for him.  It is just like he perked right up,” she added.  Jalen agreed.

Jalen was voted prom king for NCVA and wants to attend college after graduation.