So things continue to go wrong for those hoping for climatic catastrophe to occur, or at least some evidence that it is probably on the horizon. Today’s reports that “The statistical peak of the Atlantic hurricane season [September 10] has arrived and for the first time since 1992 there isn’t a named storm in the basin.”

And unlike the barrage of prediction based alarmism that we have come accustomed to from the media, this article is striking a different tone with quotes from climate scientists like:

“It is also too early to tell if there is a larger shift under way in the Atlantic that could herald in an era of fewer storms, he said.”


“Using an index called the accumulated cyclone energy, 2014 has only had 45 percent of the activity that it should have produced by this time, Klotzbach said.

“But we are still ahead of the ridiculously quiet season of 2013,” he said. “I would say that we need at least one more quiet year to really be convinced that we are heading into an inactive era.””

For an interesting and fact based discussion of global warming more generally, which includes some interesting historical data on hurricanes see this talk by Princeton’s Professor William Happer given at the Locke Foundation on Monday.