Dr. Terry Stoops began to wonder about the claim made by the Left that public charter school management companies are making money off of kids. So he decided to compare where money is spent by the traditional education bureaucracy.

While the bulk of public school dollars will always be used for salaries and benefits, schools in the United States spend billions to equip their schools and keep them running.  Consider the cost to outfit even the most basic classroom.  It necessitates expenditures for chalkboards, inspirational posters, kid-proof furniture, government-compliant light bulbs, flooring, windows, blinds, doors, HVAC, and utilities.  And none of those expenditures include the cost to furnish mediocre curriculum materials, paper, poorly-written textbooks, art supplies, computer hardware and software, and lab equipment.  Add to that the expense of maintaining unreliable copiers, phones, internet access, and intercom systems.  There are also costs associated with the upkeep of bathrooms, hallways, cafeterias, gymnasiums, playgrounds, and parking lots.  Transporting children to school requires buses and fuel purchased from Big Oil.  Behind these expenditures are businesses selling goods and services to schools…at a profit (!$!$?$!).

Read the entire piece. It’s definitely worth your time.