Wait, what?

The News & Observer warns that Democratic Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson and her staff are working with the Bill of Rights Institute, an organization partially funded by Koch (!!!) family philanthropies, to develop instructional materials that help high school social studies teachers meet the requirements of the 2011 Founding Principles Act.

As you may have heard, billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch (!!!) support politicians and organizations that champion free-market policies.  (And like most conservative philanthropists, they also give millions of dollars to charities and the arts.)  In recent years, lefties have tried to make the Koch (!!!) brothers the “face of the enemy.”  In fact, today’s N&O article is part of that desperate and pathetic campaign.

Atkinson, a Democrat, points out that obtaining materials from the Bill of Rights Institute “wasn’t a carte blanche, we’ll take what you have.” She insists that DPI “wanted a balanced approach.”  In other words, Democrat Atkinson and her staff are vetting materials received by the Koch-funded (!!!) institute.

None of that matters to Bryan Proffitt, a socialist and history teacher at Hillside High School in Durham, who believes that curricula should be developed “in a democratic fashion.”  Socialist Proffitt must really hate Common Core.