North Carolina could play a more prominent role in the 2016 presidential nomination process. State lawmakers have decided to move the state’s presidential primary to an earlier date on the electoral calendar. But Rick Henderson explains during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio why concerns from the national Republican Party are prompting some lawmakers to reject an earlier plan to tie North Carolina’s election to the traditional early primary vote in neighboring South Carolina.

Terry Stoops offers a preview of what’s likely to be a series of news stories and newspaper columns at the end of the school year bemoaning the sorry state of teaching conditions in North Carolina’s public schools. John Hood discusses a new ranking of the 50 states focusing on fiscal, education, health care, and regulatory freedom.

Kansas Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer offers some Medicaid reform ideas that could prove useful to North Carolina policymakers. Plus Johnson & Wales University economist Adam Smith explains why the federal government’s plans to protect consumer finances are likely to fall short of their goals.