A year ago, amid the wild bidding processes for Amazon and Apple, I wrote an explainer for North Carolina politics. It was entitled:

Gov. Cooper opposes tax cuts for corporations in general, not particular. It’s a fine distinction.

For examples, let’s consult the governor’s press releases since April:

April 5: Gov. Roy Cooper announces a $300,000 One North Carolina (OneNC) grant to Pacon Manufacturing Corporation.

April 17: Cooper announces a $166,650 OneNC grant to Chewy, an online pet supply retailer

April 18: Cooper announces a $38,000 OneNC grant to Superior Plastics Extrusion Company, Inc.

April 25: Cooper announces two dozen OneNC Small Business Program grants:

$50,000 to Adamas Nanotechnologies, Inc.
$50,000 to Altis Biosystems, Inc.
$34,986.50 to Arcato Laboratories, Inc.
$50,000 to Arrevus, Inc.
$50,000 to Energyxchain, LLC
$50,000 to Goldfinch Sensor Technologies and Analytics, LLC
$50,000 to Haw River Mushrooms, LLC
$50,000 to Ingateygen, LLC
$50,000 to Intelli-Products, Inc.
$50,000 to Isolere Bio, Inc.
$50,000 to Kepley Biosystems, Inc.
$50,000 to Praetego, Inc.
$50,000 to Primeneuro, Inc.
$50,000 to Rescindo Therapeutics, Inc.
$50,000 to Secmation, LLC
$48,958.50 to Sinnovatek, Inc.
$50,000 to Studio Hagler, LLC
$43,260 to Treadwell Corporation
$50,000 to Triangle Biotechnology, Inc.
$24,784.50 to United Protective Technologies, LLC
$50,000 to Upstream Biotechnology, Inc.
$50,000 to Vigilant Cyber Systems, Inc.
$50,000 to Voxel Innovations, Inc.
$50,000 to Zymeron Corporation

May 7: Cooper announces a $1.2 million Job Development Investment Grant (JDIG) to Pella Corporation.

May 9: Cooper announces a $70,000 OneNC grant to Loba-Wakol, LLC

May 23: Cooper announces a $500,000 OneNC grant to AmeriQual Aseptic, a food processing company

May 28: Cooper announces a $150,000 OneNC grant to Broad River Retail, LLC

May 30: Cooper announces a $3.28 million JDIG to Greenheck Group, an international manufacturer of commercial and industrial ventilation equipment

May 30: Cooper announces a $4.19 million JDIG to Parexel International Corporation

June 17: Cooper announces a $2.18 million JDIG to Hamlet, a producer of pre-fabricated building components for the construction industry

June 27: Cooper announces a $54.1 million JDIG and a $2 million OneNC grant to Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

June 28: Gov. Cooper announces veto of the budget, with one main reason being that “It values corporate tax breaks over classrooms,” and adding, “Instead of another corporate tax break, let’s pay our teachers and show them the respect they deserve.”