This article on education school graduates in West Virginia is going to BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

Ross Thornton, a physical education student at West Virginia State University said, “There’s a lot of things teachers can do to supplement their salaries like working during the summer, after-school jobs, coaching, tutoring.”

Sara Tulley, an elementary education student at WVSU remarked, “It concerns me that I’m making less than teachers in other states but for West Virginia I think [$31,000] is a pretty good [starting] salary.”

Danielle Loehr, an elementary education student at the University of Charleston actually said, “[Teacher salaries] are lower but I went into this field knowing that!”

The article noted that the job fair, attended by the students quoted above, had 31 education recruiters from Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and West Virginia.

If Ross, Sara, or Danielle accept a job in a North Carolina public school, don’t expect to hear them repeat those comments.  The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) and their allies will give them a quick lesson in the art of perpetual complaint.