One of my resolutions for the new year is to spend less time being outraged by flame-throwers on social media and instead spend more time learning from the straight-talking pros. Outrage leads to indignation, and that gets us nowhere. Straight talk – no matter how corny that phrase sounds – leads to reflection, personal growth, and reform of public policy.

Those of us who cherish personal liberty see peril ahead. It will take influence to hold back the forces that are working overtime to transfer power from you and me to government agencies and bureaucrats. I take inspiration from President Ronald Reagan’s words in his State of the Union speech in February 1985. They still ring true.


With Reagan’s commitment to freedom and liberty in mind, here are three Locke colleagues I’ll be watching closely in 2022. I hope you will, too.

Election Law/Election Integrity Dr. Andy Jackson

As Director of the Civitas Center for Public Integrity, Andy monitors and analyzes election law, election integrity, voter registration data, and the ongoing legal battle over redistricting. He and his team also oversee the Civitas Partisan Index, which assesses the partisan leanings of state legislative districts.

News and Commentary – Donna King

As Editor-In-Chief of The Carolina Journal, Donna manages the team’s rigorous reporting on state legislative action, the movers and shakers who wield power in public and behind the scenes, the push by the Left for muscular use of government power, and the impact of all the pieces on 10 million North Carolinians.

Government Affairs – Jordan Roberts

As Director of Government Affairs, Jordan engages with state decision-makers in the public and private sector to advance free-market public policy goals. His knowledge base includes a specialization in health care policy, a critical area ripe for an infusion of more competition and choice.